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Baby You Can Drive My Car – My Experience as a RelayRides Car Owner


With the announcement that GM’s Onstar is partnering with RelayRides to allow GM car owners to sign up their cars to be rented by the hour, I figure there are a lot of people saying “What the shift? There is no way in schnell I would let random people drive my car!”  Some, however, might see this as a […]

Larry Wu with his Screaming Cow

The Great Smart Fuel Tank Capacity Debate is Over!


Smart owners around the world have been debating on the capacity of the fuel tank. The manual says it has 8 gallons (one bar for each gallon). However, people (myself included) have put more in than that in various fillups. Some argued that the true capacity was 9gal, some 10.  For two years the debate […]


I saw a great article on the smart fortwo today in Winding Road Magazine. It compares it with the Honda Fit, which most automotive journalists will favor in two seconds flat. After all, the fit can seat more people, has a more powerful engine, has more cargo capacity, and apparently has a higher quality interior. When […]


Alarm Fur Cobra 11 – Germany’s Version of CARS?


In America we had Cash for Clunkers, officially called CARS to bolster the auto industry and get older, inefficient cars off the road.  I think that Germany might have a much more exciting program, and it also happens to be a program on TV. Alarm Fur Cobra 11 is a series in which two cops chase bad […]


RIP, VW Golf MK1


Today is a sad day for me.  I found out that the last VW plant to make the Mark 1 Golf, almost unchanged since 1974, has closed its operation, according to AutoBlogGreen.  Yes, they still made them in South Africa until then. The more recently made models were called the CITI Golf, and featured an updated […]


3 Green Cars Duke It Out in Denmark (Literally)


A VW, a Prius, and a Tesla seem to have done battle on a motorway in Denmark. Literally. If a smart fortwo was in there, it surely would have left as the victor. (via Jalopnik)